Saturday, August 17, 2013


Mysteries of the Universe

Mentioned below are a few questions that do not have clear-cut answers in physics.
1] Nature has created each and every thing existing in the universe with a specific purpose and task. If so, what is the purpose of the empty space present in atoms?
2] Is the empty space in an atom the same as that existing in outer space?
3] When, atoms of lighter elements fuse together to form atoms of heavier elements, their volume does not increase proportionately.   What happens to the empty space associated with the atoms of the lighter elements after they fuse together?
4] What happens to the empty space associated with a star after a supernova has occurred, and it transforms into either a neutron star or a stellar black hole?
5] If an atom consists only of protons neutrons and electrons which are extremely dense what is the low density matter we experience in our daily lives including the FBBTS ( flesh, blood, bones, tissue & skin) that make up our bodies?     
6] Is the vacuum of space really empty, or does it contain some invisible and ethereal substance as believed by our ancestors?
7] From where and how exactly does the force of gravity arise, and why has it, and gravity waves also, not yet been detected, discovered?
8] During re-entry, why do spacecrafts heat up and bounce back into space, at exactly 120 km. altitude from the earth’s surface where there is just 0.00001 percent air?
9] Why are huge celestial bodies always gaseous in nature and smaller heavenly bodies like earth always rocky?
10] Why do astronauts float within the International Space Station? Is it due to lack of gravity,  due to free fall, or is it due to some other reason altogether?
11] Why does weightlessness occur only above 100 km. altitude from the earth’s surface and not below?
12] Do black holes really exist, and if they do exist, do they really have a hole passing through their middle?  In addition, what is their composition?
13] Why does the distance between planets in our solar system steadily increase, almost doubling starting from Mercury until Neptune?
14] Is antimatter really missing from our universe or is it existing in such a state, similar to gravitons etc., that we are unable to see or detect it?

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